Eden Sleep


Our creation story

In the beginning, a vision of paradise – restorative sleep – inspired the leading foam and spring manufacturers. Inspired by the finest bedding designs from around the globe, they combined their decades of expertise with cutting-edge sleep technology and body pressure mapping.

The result? A harmonious fusion of materials – a Rib-Zoned Pocket Coil Spring Support System and a Technical Foam Comfort System – giving birth to the ideal Sleep Rejuvenation Device (SRD), commonly known as a mattress.

Genesis of Restorative Sleep: The Eden Sleep Difference

Wake up feeling truly refreshed! We’ve meticulously studied the science of sleep and developed innovative technologies to address the essential elements for a perfect night.


Using Human Body Profiling and Pressure Mapping Technology we developed our RibZone Pocket Spring core that ensures:

• Optimum Pressure Relieving Support
• Neutral Spine Alignment
• Reduced Pressure Points
• Limited Motion Transfer,

Our robust Edge2Edge support, increases the sleeping area, limiting sagging, while supporting you when getting in and out of bed.

Personalised Comfort

Discover the comfort level that’s perfect for you – plush, medium, or firm.

Our Eden Comfort System uses premium density conventional and technical foams designed to cradle your body, promote spinal alignment, and limit motion transfer for a truly restful sleep experience.

Plus, enjoy temperature regulation and noise reduction for uninterrupted comfort all night long.

Durability you can trust

Your Eden mattress is an investment in restful nights.

Enjoy years of rejuvenating sleep with the confidence of our 2-Year Guarantee and 10-Year Service Warranty.

We stand behind the durability of our mattresses, so you can wake up feeling refreshed, day after day.

Climate Control for Cooler Sleep

Stay cool and dry throughout the night.

Our RibZone Core and Gel Infused Comfort System work together to dissipate heat and moisture, preventing restless sleep caused by an uncomfortable climate.

Effortless Hygiene for Healthier Sleep

Sweat, heat, and skin cells can make your mattress unhygienic leading to Dust Mites, Mold & Mildew.

Traditional cleaning is a hassle. That’s why we designed our innovative Waterfall Cover – a stylish and removable solution for easy cleaning, and a fresher, healthier sleep environment.

Sustainable Sleep for a Greener Tomorrow.

Sleep well knowing your choice matters.

We prioritise sustainable practices and our convenient, eco-friendly BonBon packaging to minimise our environmental impact while maximising your restorative sleep experience.


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